Fast air temperature sensor

Fast temperature sensorsTo enhance the accuracy and dynamic of air temperature measurement especially for applications in interferometry and machine calibration a new high dynamic temperature sensor has been developed. Most of the demands  for this development came from the area of machine tool calibration and other application areas of laser interferometry where the need for accuracy becomes always higher. The limiting factor for laser interferometry accuracy in air is the exact knowledge of the air refractive index which strongly depends on the air temperature. -> read more

Tidal earth crust deformation measurements

Difference laser interferometer SP-DI for tidal earth crust deformation measurements

Deformation of the earth crust mainly results from the tidal forces of sun and moon acting on the Earth, but also comes from seismic wave propagation or regional and local sources. Strainmeters allow the observation of crustal deformation with a resolution better than 1 nm. At the Geodynamic Observatory Moxa in Thuringia/Germany an assembly of strainmeters of different types records the deformation. -> read more

Laser interferometer for length measurements ranging from a nanometre up to few metres

Increasing demands on the accuracies of coordinate measuring machines, machine tools and positioning devices with movement ranges over several metres pose a challenge to measurement systems when it comes to their acceptance and calibration. In this context, new generation laser interferometers offer unique properties that combine a large length measuring range with an extraordinarily high resolution.  -> read more


Interferometer characterizes microstructures

Traditional measuring systems reach their limits when they have to characterize microstructures. One solution is to use a laser vibrometer together with a technical microscope and the nanopositioning and nanomeasuring machine from Sios Meßtechnik, Ilmenau. This set-up enables motions and surfaces of objects to be measured with picometer resolution. -> read more